Our new home on Governor’s Island on Lake Winnipesaukee


This is our picturesque new home on Governor’s Island on Lake Winnipesaukee. The Governor of this beautiful island is Governor Jack McDevitt and he is a great guy and good ruler of the isle – plus he drinks Glenlivet 12 year old. The First Lady is Debbie, and their Bernese Mountain dog is Holly. We moved into the house this summer.


One Response to “Our new home on Governor’s Island on Lake Winnipesaukee”

  1. The Govenor Says:

    Clearly the altitude at which this blog was written has unfortunately resulted in a few “inaccuracies” opon the part of it’s author. In an attempt to bring fair and balance reporting to this medium, I feel compelled to set the record straight. The official canine of Govenor’s Island ( soon to be called the Island of New ireland!) is in fact a 135 lb. Newfoundland named Bailey, not the mongrel described by Dr. Grace. It is my understanding, that Bailey is seeking damages, and has threatened to “soil” Dr. Grace’s snow covered lawn this afternoon during her official constitutional. Best Regards, The Gov.

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