Steve Jobs has hormonal imbalance – not more pancreatic cancer


Most of you who know me know that I am a big Apple fan! This morning Apple released news regarding Steve Job’s health, which stated that he is continuing as CEO, despite having a serious hormonal imbalance that is causing him to lose weight. Apple is one of the few equities that I have in my son’s portfolios. They are now up to a 10% market share, according to recent estimates. Kaufman notes in a recent industry report on operating system and browser trends for both PCs and smart phones, data show that in the month of December, Mac OS X, which is used on the Mac and iPhone, increased its market share to 10%, up from 9.25% in November, or an increase of 0.75% month over month. This is faster than the 0.65% month-over-month increase posted in November.Microsoft (MSFT) Windows continued to lose market share, now at 88.7%, down from 89.6% in November with most of the share losses to AAPL and to a lesser extent, Linux (RHT), RIMM and Symbian. They believe these data points further support their key investment thesis in that AAPL is still an early platform adoption story with plenty of headroom for growth, driven by the iPhone and Mac.Apple does have a deep bench of talent. Apple is far superior to Windows in my view, and the iPhone is a masterpiece. The Apps make it an incredible tool – and remember I am the guy who had the first Blackberry commercial  model produced – it was like a pager type device. I corresponded regularly with RIM Co Chair Mike Lazardis over many years- even giving him the idea for the “Blackberry  in the chairlift” advertisement idea, after so many people  commented so favorably over my activities in the chairlift in Beaver Creek.

Over the past few weeks I have been accumulating a position in NYMEX Gasoline(bought it between 80-90 cents a gallon) and Oil(bought at $43 a barrel), both of which I have been trimming a bit this AM with a nice profit. Other than that I have been shorting Commercial Real Estate through the ETF. The big boys are back in their chairs on Wall Street today. The market may trade higher for awhile due to the massive government stimulus provided and promised as well as the Obama optimism, but overall I remain bearish and think we will see a new low this year in equity prices. As I always say, I hope I am WRONG. I will post more on that later…….


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