How to become a Vail Ski “Bum”


Since we were skiing in the Vail Valley on January 1st when this unfortunate accident happened I thought that I should be sure to tell you that it wasn’t me. Looks like this infamous Vail skier might have also suffered from a frozen ski pole, so to speak….


From the Daily Telegraph :

“An unfortunate skier at a ritzy Colorado resort found himself unintentionally flashing the world after he got tangled in a ski lift and ended hanging upside down with his trousers round his ankles.

According to reports, the unidentified man and a child boarded the Skyline Express lift at the luxury Blue Sky Basin resort at Vail last week expecting a swift ride up the mountain.

But because the chairlift’s seat was not in the correct position, as the man got on, he slipped through a gap between the chair and the seat back.

His ski boot and ski became lodged in the lift, preventing him from falling. But as he slid, his trousers and underwear became caught and were pulled down, exposing him to tourists at the crowded ski resort, some of whom took pictures of the helpless dangling figure.

Photographs of the man’s Jan 2 ordeal ended up on the websiteĀ The Smoking Gun. The pictures show the child sitting next to him on the lift.

It took about 15 minutes before resort staff were able to reverse the lift and free the skier, who had been trapped hanging 20 feet about the ground,Ā The Smoking GunĀ reported.”


One Response to “How to become a Vail Ski “Bum””

  1. Jack McDevitt Says:

    Clearly this guy has the Irish curse!

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