Frigid New Hampshire trip this weekend

I left Orlando last Sunday and went to NYC for the Cowen Consumer Conference. I spent quite a bit of time in NYC with Ned IV and his girlfriend, Katie. Spent some time with my friends, Bruce Lisman, head of Global Equities at JP Morgan and Roger Lipton of Lipton Financial Services. I also had great dinners at Nobu, La Masseria, and Spark’s Steak House. I flew on Wednesday out of LaGuardia to Boston – fortunately, just missed those Canada geese that were ingested into US AIR Flight 1549 on Thursday – and went to a Shawmut Board meeting in Boston on Thursday. I drove on Thursday night to our home on Lake Winnipesaukee. When I woke up on Friday morning the temperature was down to 20 degrees below ZERO – yikes!

The ice fisherman were out in full force with the bob houses being dragged into place by their snowmobiles out in front of our house.

I had dinner on Friday and Saturday evening, respectively at the Lake House restaurant at Church’s Landing in Meredith and at The Woodshed in Moultonboro with Governor McDevitt and his lovely bride, Debbie, David & Janet Haley, Rod & Denise Butcher, Miami Mike and Jeannie, and Mrs. Carol Audley. It snowed about a foot overnight and today, and I had an exciting drive to the Manchester, NH airport – I saw about twenty cars off the road on I-93 and in various accidents along the 50 mile trip. Southwest Airlines was right on time, even though we had to be de-iced and I am back now in Orlando.

Here is a quick video for you to view on the potential hazards of ice fishing:



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