Woman airlifted after snowmobile trip in Vail Pass/Shrine Pass – we were there!



Yesterday afternoon, Tom Goemaat, pictured above and I were snowmobiling out of  Camp Hale in the Vail Pass and Shrine Pass area at about 12,000 feet. Here is a story of another snowmobiler who went off the trail we were on into a ravine, at right about the same time we were there:


EAGLE COUNTY – 9News.com – February 8 –  A 48-year-old woman is in a Denver hospital on Sunday, a day after going missing for several hours during a snowmobile trip with her husband.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Department says John Grosso and his wife Elaine, of Plant City, Fla., rented snowmobiles in Frisco and were riding near Shrine Pass Road, near Turkey Creek Road on Saturday.

Around 2 p.m., the husband contacted Summit Snowmobile, where they had rented their vehicles, and told them he couldn’t find his wife. Deputies say the company sent out four employees to help the man search for her.

After about two and a half hours of searching with no luck, one of the employees called 911.

Vail Mountain Rescue Group sent out a two-member search team to the area of Shrine Pass, while the Summit County Rescue Group sent six two-member teams from Vail Pass.

Another three hours passed before Elaine Grosso was found in a ravine. Deputies say she was about four miles from the top of Vail Pass. A high-angle rescue ensued and the woman was airlifted to St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver via Flight for Life helicopter around 9:20 p.m., about an hour and a half after being found.

Her condition was not immediately known.

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