Peter Schiff was Right back in 2006 and 2007

This is a great video, where another Dr Doom aka Peter Schiff appeared on CNBC and very correctly told viewers where we were headed. Peter of Euro Pacific Capital is one who I listen to, as well as Nouriel Roubini, Meredith Whitney, Merrill’s David Rosenberg, Bill Fleckenstein and Fred Hickey of The High Tech Strategist. This is nine minutes but worth watching in my view.


3 Responses to “Peter Schiff was Right back in 2006 and 2007”

  1. Michael Knapp Says:


    Nice compilation of clips by Peter Schiff. He has been proven to be totally correct and at this point. It is almost a good laugh to look back at these videos, however, the fact remains that there was not much of a revelation here… Americans have been borrowing for many years now…and it has been quite obvious. Our entire monetary system is based on debt and can’t function without borrowing. So what is the real problem? How about fractionalized banking practices and our insurmountable debt to the Fed? In 1913 W.W. sealed our fate as an economic nation when a private cental bank was allowed to control our monetary system… and federal income tax was created to back up our debt. Fast foward about a hundred years… what to do about our current situation? How about every American rejecting the Fed and fractional banking and becoming debt free? Oh wait… I think I am living the American dream… which is only possible to do with my eyes closed… We Americans are spoiled and financially illerate that this can’t possibly happen… so how about we just take our medicine and accept the measures of quantitative easing from our government. Maybe, and just maybe, if we save… and politely accept exactly what we deserve, we just might survive this depression (gee… did I start that word with a “D” instead of an “R”? Unfortunately, those deserviing souls who saved and acted with financial prudence will be penalized along with the rest of us. I just hope this all comes to a resolve in short period of time.

    Mike Knapp

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