Peter Ferber produces another awesome painting – Upswept Reflections


“Upswept Reflections” by Peter Ferber

“This image came from work on a commission of this property in Winter Harbor.  The commissioned piece included everything: house, boats, boathouse, etc., as is often the case.  But what interested me were the little vignettes I found here and there.  I rarely get to focus in on the gorgeous details of these boats when I’m putting several in one painting, so I relished the opportunity here to work with the marvelous reflections in the polished surfaces of this 1929 Chris-Craft “upswept” (so named for the way the decks curve upward).  It’s always amazing to analyze all the shapes in a reflection, render those abstract forms, then step back and see the whole thing come together, looking shiny!  I worked quickly, while the soaked paper was damp allowing the paint to flow in all the complex shapes and be manipulated before drying completely, adding the the smooth feel of the surfaces.  Just this beautiful stern quarter wasn’t enough, compositionally, so I brought in another Winter Harbor resident, the laker, to pull it together and add a secondary focal point.  I also love the translucent effect in the flag.”  ~ Peter Ferber

About Peter Ferber:

In a world that is increasingly complex, impersonal, and high-tech,Peter Ferber finds himself intrigued with the simple, timeless and more comprehensible things that often go unnoticed. Having grown up spending all his summers in Wolfeboro, Peter is drawn to the rural New Hampshire landscape as inspiration for his paintings–the sparkling serenity in the play of evening light across the lake, the simple purity of a white clapboard barn in the snow, the warm patina of a weathered boathouse are refreshing to his heart.

He has been working as a full-time professional artist since graduating from Principia College in 1976, and approaches each new piece with a desire to try something new. He developed an appreciation for strong design and composition at college in daily painting and drawing excursions, including a ten week painting trip to Europe. Attention to detail and precise control of the medium was honed through years of work producing architectural renderings for historic restoration projects. He paints in watercolors, oils, and most recently in acrylics.

Peter has done the poster for the New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society for the past nine years. His illustrations have appeared in national magazines as well as in books. He has exhibited in many shows throughout New England and the Midwest, and has had more than 40 reproductions made of his work.

Beyond the appeal of the scenes themselves, he hopes that his work will stir an awareness of the value of preserving the character and history of this rich landscape we all enjoy.

Peter does two shows a year at The Art Place in Wolfeboro, NH. The line to get in typically begins at about 5AM for a 9:30AM opening. Needless to say, Peter is a great talent, who is really appreciated by his fans.


3 Responses to “Peter Ferber produces another awesome painting – Upswept Reflections”

  1. Jack Hutton Says:

    Peter Ferber is a terriffic artist and one I have long admired. However, with this painting, “Upswept”, he reaches new level of artistic achievement. I would love to know what he used….oils,etc

  2. Jack Hutton Says:

    Peter Ferber is a terrific artist and has long been a favorite of mine. However, with this painting he reaches an even higher level of artistic achievement. I would love to know what medium he used.

  3. Bob Bailey Says:

    Can you e-mail me photos and prices for your mahogany boat prints . Or call me at 614-404-56752 . Thanks Bob Bailey

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