2009 Ski Joring Race this weekend in Leadville CO


I made the trek from Beaver Creek up to Leadville to attend the 60th Annual Ski Joring Race in Leadville CO this weekend – altitude 10,152 ft above sea level – highest incorporated city in North America. Except for one very obnoxious local Leadville ski joring event official, it was a lot of fun. The sport combines horseback riding and skiing…..speeds of up to 55MPH are recorded for the skiers. The race in Leadville is a non-sanctioned event of the North American Ski Joring Association of New London, NH and Red Lodge, MT .


Leadville has been hosting ski joring competitions since 1949. Ski joring, which entails a horse and rider pulling a skier down a snow-packed road over jumps while spearing rings in a timed competition, is a real tradition here and draws teams from all over the country. It’s so much fun; last year’s competition is featured in Warren Miller’s latest film, “Children of Winter.”


This year’s event included three classes on Saturday and again on Sunday: the Open Class, for experienced competitive teams; the Sport Class, for beginners; and the Legends Class, for experienced teams who are getting a little long in the tooth for the Open Class. The Open Class featured a $1,000 added purse each day; the Sport and Legends Classes featured a $500 added purse each day. Teams must prequalify the day of the event to compete in the Open Class. Watch the Plum video below:

This pregnant guy below acting as an official at the event was very rude and obnoxious. His ranting and inhospitable behavior ruined the day for many of the spectators who were trying to enjoy the Ski Joring festivities


Who is this jerk? He needs a major attitude adjustment and some training in guest hospitality!


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