Quite the Collection of Bears who are transforming into Bulls recently


Steve Leuthhold, Robert Prechter, Bill Fleckenstein, Jeremy Grantham, Doug Kass, Marc Faber………quite the list of bears turning bullish. All are suggesting now is the time to start buying stocks. Many warn that we may still see the S&P 500 at 600, but that picking bottoms is a fool’s game.


We certainly have a very oversold market – the largest variance below the 200 day moving average since the ’30s. Today we had 50% above average market volume, great breadth, and overall an impressive day. New lows have been contracting for months…

Talk of the uptick rule coming back soon, as well as some changes to the mark to market rules………

But Nouriel Roubini says today we’re headed to Dow 5000……..

Time to start to buy equities?


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