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The Pork Flu – The Biggest Threat to the Health of America

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Swine Flu CDC Warning – Do Not Do This!!!

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Ned & Sam’s Salmon Fishing Adventure Weekend

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My brother Sam and I spent the weekend in NH, fishing for landlocked salmon on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. The weather was gorgeous – sunny and 85 degrees –  actually a little too nice as the salmon fishing is better when it is overcast with a “salmon chop” – a nice wind making a nice chop on the water. We caught five beautiful salmon ranging from 17″ to 21″.

We learned a lot about salmon biology; we saw they were eating smelt, and got an education from Jason at the Paugus Bay Sporting Goods store on adipose fins, how to differentiate between a male and female fish by sight, as well why the color of the meat would sometimes vary. Both Sam and I had been reading one of our favorite fishing books – Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit by Dr Harold Lyon, which does a great job documenting the tales and recommendations of legendary Lake Winnipesaukee fisherman.


We had a great dinner at O’s Steak and Seafood restaurant with the Governor and First Lady and sister Pat Smith. We also  got my Harley going, visited the Laconia Harley store, had a Tamarack lobster roll and took a nice ride around Governor’s Island.

Overall it was a great weekend for brother bonding, and we have decided to make it an annual event!





The Scottish Sensation Susan Boyle – Cry Me A River – from 1999 CD

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From a charity CD made in 1999 of which only 1000 copies were made.

Time for a Market Correction?

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Lesson learned – Never judge a Book by its Cover! Susan Boyle Rocks!

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Witness Miss Susan Boyle of Scotland give an awe -inspiring vocal performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables  by clicking here“Britain’s Got Talent”


I just listened to Elaine Page’s rendition of that song. Susan, you’ve just beaten your idol! And Susan, one more thing, in a world that is increasingly dominated by our global economic woes and now even lunatic pirates, thanks so much for bringing us a BIG SMILE and a little joyful tear!

Interesting Look at the Stock Market from 1900 til Now

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We have experienced 12 years of a “no return” market on the Dow from 1997 til now for a buy and hold investor – will this choppy no return market continue?

Take a good look at history: