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Uncle Kracker visits Bachelor Gulch

Posted in 1 on February 27, 2010 by nedgrace

I had the pleasure of flying back from Nashville yesterday with Uncle Kracker, who is performing for a VH1 special at the Ritz Carlton in Bachelor Gulch. Very nice guy and quite a talent! Click here for his latest hit “Smile”

Here’s also a link to another big hit “Drift Away”

And one more…….here is a link to his hit “Follow Me”


Awesome Patriotic singing of our National Anthem and Star Spangled Banner

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Larkburger Grand Opening Today at Denver Tech Center

Posted in 1 on February 20, 2010 by nedgrace

Be sure to try our new Larkburger, opening today in Denver in the Tech Center!!!

Why I like McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants(NASDAQ:MSSR) as an investment

Posted in 1 on February 12, 2010 by nedgrace

I have known Bill McCormick for about 25 years, as he and I met at my Hemenway’s Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar with mutual friend and RI Attorney General Jim O’Neil. Bill has spent the past eight years in New Zealand, as Ambassador for President George Bush. He is no longer involved day to day in the business, but still has an office there, comes in occasionally and I called him the other day to say hello. I told him the company looked very cheap to me and that I had listened to the new MSSR CEO recently at the Cowen Conference in NYC. Bill and I shot the breeze about the industry, Rhode Island, and his life in NZ. I was tempted to ask Bill if we should buy the company outright with a private equity sponsor, but I didn’t go there, when he told me that he was now 70 and that the industry has become so tough, and that we had it easy comparatively in our day. I couldn’t disagree……

McCormick & Schmick’s is a national upscale seafood chain with 88 units and 6 Boathouse restaurants in Canada. It was written up yesterday as a buy on RealMoney Silver by Tim Melvin. Here’s what Tim said:

“McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants (MSSR) is still my favorite name in this space. The company operates 88 McCormicks & Schmick’s locations in the U.S. and six Boathouse locations in Canada.

The menu changes daily and is printed twice a day in most locations, based on available fresh seafood selections. The offerings also are a better fit with the growing focus on eating healthy, than the more traditional high-end steakhouses it competes with. The restaurants can still accommodate the beef-dependent, but seafood makes up the bulk of the menu. Dinner entrees start at $19.95, and they feature 10 entrees under $10 every day as lunch specials.

Like everyone else, this chain has struggled. For the third quarter, it reported a revenue decline of 13%, with same-store sales down more than 18%. Traffic in locations open at least a year fell 14%. Despite the revenue drop, the company managed to stay profitable, earning 9 cents for the quarter, flat with the year-earlier quarter and up from break-even in the second quarter.
Currently, analysts on average estimate earnings of 17 cents a share for the fourth quarter and 37 cents for the full year. The company is due to report on March 1.

Management has been cautious so far. It hasn’t put too much stress on the balance sheet, opening just two new locations in the past year. The balance on the revolving credit line is a little more than $18 million, at an average rate of 2.8%, making the debt load more than manageable.

The stock trades at 1.1 times tangible book value, which makes the company almost too cheap not to own. Since its EV/EBITDA is a little more than 5, a broad market pullback would make the stock a buy.

It is a little more difficult these days to find that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. It is equally difficult to find a good business that’s priced cheaply enough to put on my buy-in-a-decline list. McCormick & Schmick’s fits the bill on both counts.”

I wrote to Tim and told him that I also liked the following:

1. MSSR is the ONLY sizable upscale seafood chain in America – making it a very DEFENSIBLE concept, with very little competition. Very different than the upscale steakhouse business that has become such a crowded space.

2. MSSR is selling at a very low valuation on a couple of metrics that I like – Enterprise Value divided by the # of units. At yesterday’s close, the valuation per unit was approximately $1.4M per unit. According to their 10-K, it costs about $4M to build a unit today and they usually get $1M in TI improvement. The stock is selling for less than half the asset replacement cost….that is cheap.

3. MSSR is selling at a very low Sales/Enterprise Value ratio – about .35 or about 35 cents to a sales dollar – a very low metric too.

Nicole Miller Regan, restaurant at Piper Jaffrey changed her rating from Underweight to OVERWEIGHT on MSSR in January!

So what’s wrong? Sales stink and margins have deteriorated – the economy has taken its toll. Sales at The Capital Grille have improved according to the last Darden conference call from -17% in September to -6% in November…..quite a trend improvement, that should also have some application for sales improving for upscale MSSR……or at least let’s hope so.

Darden should look at buying MSSR. They have the seafood purchasing machine in place, and they now have casual steak and upscale steak with Longhorn and The Capital Grille; so why not Red Lobster, the casual seafood leader and upscale seafood leader, McCormick and Schmick’s?

Then there are also private equity players as well as the colorful character and industry legend, Tilman Fertitta. Tilman scooped up 9% of the company when the stock crashed last spring. He paid an average of about $2.64 a share – great buy Tilman!

I own some stock, and I like the prospects……let’s just hope we don’t go into a double dip recession! A STRONG BUY in my book!

Smooth Jazz Cruise 2010

Posted in 1 on February 11, 2010 by nedgrace

We had a great time about the SS Westerdam in January, and enjoyed the great music of artists Keiko Matsui, Richard Elliott, Rick Braun, Brian Simpson, Dave Koz, Earl Klugh, Euge Groove, Phil Perry, Peter White, Eric Darius, as well as the comedy of Alonzo Boden.

We visited the ports of Ochos Rios, Grand Cayman, and Cozymel. We had a 5.8 earthquake hit 40 miles off Grand Cayman when we were there – apparently same fault as the one that destroyed Haiti.

US, Europe Will All Default On Their Debt: Marc Faber

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| 10 Feb 2010 | 02:38 PM ET
The governments of every developed economy will eventually default on their sovereign debts, including the US, the UK and Western Europe, Marc Faber, editor of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, told CNBC.

“In the developed world we have huge debt to GDP, in terms of government debt to GDP and unfunded liabilities that will come due,” Faber said in a live interview via telephone. “These unfunded liabilities are so huge that eventually these governments will all have to print money before they default.”

Watch Faber’s interview on CNBC

Faber said that emerging economies are much more financially sound on this basis than the developed world, with the exception of Singapore, which has a limited amount of debt and huge reserves.

His comments come amid talks of a bailout for struggling Euro zone member Greece, which needs to borrow 53 billion euros, or $73 billion, to cover its deficit and refinance debt that is coming due.

Faber added that the global stock markets — which have mostly fallen about 10 to 20 percent from their peaks — have begun a correction phase that he expects to continue.

He said he thinks the new resistance level for the S&P 500 will be 1,100, though an oversold market could cause a relief rally over the next ten days.

Still, he said he is “relatively optimistic” about stocks going up, referring to them and precious metals as two of the best safe havens.

Slideshow: Government Debt Issuers Most Likely to Default

—Reuters contributed to this report

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Matt Simmons Latest Presentation – Aon Energy Symposium

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